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Burmese Curl Bundles

Burmese Curl Bundles

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Sourced from the heart of Myanmar, this exquisite hair exudes natural elegance and charm. Experience irresistible, soft curls that define beauty and confidence. Upgrade your style and let your locks speak volumes.

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Wigs are not one size fits all. It is important to carefully measure your headsize so you can get an accurate fit. Size guide is attatched to each product to guide you to finding your size. If your measurements do not fit in the standard SMALL, MEDIUM or LARGE category, please send us an email at THENYRALONDON@GMAIL.COM and we will have a custom fit designed specifically for you.

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Our Vietnamese Raw Donor Hair is renowned for its exquisite quality. Each strand undergoes a meticulous selection process to guarantee uniformity, a radiant shine, and remarkable endurance. Expect hair that lasts and looks flawless.